Finding Sally Premium

Finding Sally Premium 1.0.2

? Game Description Rescue Sally kidnapped by mad cow robot! Journey for Finding Sally has been started.

Assemble Cats! Rescue Sally kidnapped by mad cow robot!

? Game Description

Rescue Sally kidnapped by mad cow robot!

Journey for Finding Sally has been started.

Proceed day by day for Finding Sally while defeating a thong of Zombies with guns in the night.

Action shooter kitties ready for mission.

Can’t wait to help these Cats!

? Play Tips

- Zombies disturb cat’s journey in the night.

- Zombies have a weakness respectively. Grasp these and attack!

- Bosses harasses cats every 7 days. Figure out their patterns and attack weak point.

- Help survivors who are chased by zombies. They will help you back as well.

- Use skills If You’re in trouble. You are Invulnerable when using skills.

- Hire animals and place around car. They help cat’s journey with their special ability.

- Zombies are stronger gradually. Upgrade cats for fighting against them.

- You get a polaroid photo when game is over. Collect every photos for achievement!

- Animals always gather golds even though you don’t play game.

- You can win medals if you proceed some days.

- Medal grants finishing gold exploration instantly.

- ‘Criti’ offers you a special bgm because he is a rock band musician.

- ‘Tori’ is modeled on real scottish fold which lives with Developer 1. That’s why he is so strong.

- ‘ChuChu’ is modeled on mix dog which lives with Developer 2. However he passed away a month ago. RIP ChuChu.

? Android Tips

- You need internet connection because uses google cloud game save.

- You can play on cell phones, tablets with synchronized save data.

- Before you play with multiple devices, Please save game data in Data Management at lobby.

And load game data in other devices.

- Paid version or Purchasing ‘Remove Ads’ product offers pleasant game play.

- If There is an ads, although you purchased ‘Remove Ads’ product.

Try to tab ‘Restore Purchase’ button in ‘in app purchase’ page in game lobby.

? Introducing TORIPACKTORY

We are indie game developers consisting of 10-year experienced programmer and artist.

Our goal is making games which expresses ourselves mind.

Supporting us to play our games.

Thank you!

Finding Sally Premium


Finding Sally Premium 1.0.2

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